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Round-out your cloud deployment with leading add-on applications.

Cloud Backup Solutions

Sometimes you need that extra layer of data protection, whether for peace of mind or regulatory reasons, to ensure your business-critical data is always backed up, protected and available for restore.

SSO & Identity Management

Codifying your user access policies and identity management can help to add an increased layer of security to your organization. Through our partner solutions we can ensure that your policies are achieved and adhere to best practices.

G Suite Admin Tools

Managing your licensing, end-user account setup & provisioning, and daily operations among your users and is critical for efficient operation. Our system admin tools help you make the most of your time.

Cloud Encryption Services

For regulated industries and those dealing in sensitive user information, additional layers of email and data encryption may be desired, or even required. Let us help you assess which tools would work best for your situation.

Cloud Document Management

While Google Drive works out of the box for most clients, we realize providing a comfortable and familiar file management system to users, with additional permissions and document control settings, is necessary for some customers.

Cloud Unified Communications

Working from anywhere on any device goes beyond email and documents. Seamless, cloud-first communication systems integrated with your existing tools help you disconnect the desk phone to truly work, and connect, from everywhere.

Cloud CRM

If your company is selling anything, the question isn’t “do we use a CRM” but “which one?” Dito works with customer relationship management tools designed and integrated with your cloud environment.

IT Service Management

Streamline your help desk, workflow, and other operational technology challenges with cloud-based IT service management solutions that work across the organization.

eSignature, Support, Productivity

More cloud-based solutions that integrate with G Suite and other services that your business runs on.

Location Services & Solutions

In addition to providing licensing and development support for Google Maps APIs, Dito has geospatial partners for Asset Management, Indoor Mapping & Routing, and other specific use cases.

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