Leverage Location Data & Develop Geospatial Solutions with Google Maps APIs

Tap the full potential of location data & services to better engage users, uncover insights & make smarter decisions.

Make Better Decisions. Streamline Operations. Deepen Customer Engagement.

Mission critical mapping applications, powered by Google Maps APIs, turn location data into business value, customer insights, operational efficiency.

From basic data mapping & visualization to boosting eCommerce checkout conversions and optimizing routes for on-demand delivery services, Google Maps APIs power the location services behind industry leaders.

Our mapping specialists can help you evaluate the many powerful ways to take advantage of location data, services and analytics.

Simplify Address Completion

Streamline user effort by automatically suggesting & completing address entry for places of interest and shopping cart checkouts, boosting conversions and creating a better customer experience.

Route Optimization & Planning

Calculate travel distance, estimated time, and best real-time routing for customers or field workers. Ideal for store locators, rideshare & taxi applications, and logistics companies.

Integrate Maps into Your Product

The full power and familiarity of Google Maps can be easily integrated into your own product. If you are building a consumer-oriented mapping solution or a web based SaaS product, our team can help optimize your Google Maps licensing.

The Best of Google’s Mapping Technologies, Applied to Your Business.

For web, mobile, internal & OEM applications, Google Maps APIs provide powerful connections to the world’s most advanced mapping technologies.

Explore the key features & functionality available to you with a Google Maps API license.

It’s a lot to take in, and the possibilities for application are only bound by your imagination. Our team can help you thoroughly understand the capabilities & optimize your licensing strategy.

Places API

Get local data and autocomplete address information. Learn more

Directions API

Gives users the best route. Learn more

Distance Matrix API

Calculate time and travel distance. Learn more

Roads API

Map GPS coordinates to the geometry of the road. Learn more

Asset Tracking

Implement custom, mobile-ready asset-tracking applications. Learn more

Store Locator

Drive more offline sales & conversions. Learn more

Assistance & Route Planner

Help travelers navigate unfamiliar territories. Learn more

Field Force Management

Optimize jobs & work of field teams. Learn more

On-Time Order Pickup

Provide customers precise pickup & delivery times. Learn more

Geolocation API

Accurate global location for any connected device. Learn more

  • 45 degree imagery in over 120 cities worldwide inserted into your application.

  • Address autocompletion gives users fast, accurate, and easy address entry.

  • Analytics for Google Maps provides insights into user interaction.

  • Full access to Google’s worldwide database of over 100 million business listings and Points of Interest.

  • Deliver the full power of Google’s routing engine to your applications.

  • Quickly determine travel time and distance between many pairs of locations.

  • Predictive travel time based on historical time of day and day of week data.

  • Best routing in traffic based on the current traffic conditions.

  • Drawing tools enable users to select areas, drop markers, draw and edit shapes.

  • Elevation profiles along a route or across a continent.

  • 24 hour technical support and a service level agreement.

  • Forward & reverse geocoding delivers Google’s global address database to your application.

  • Global satellite imagery catalog of high res aerial images available for use.

  • Add existing KML or GeoRSS formats to your Maps API application.

  • Rapid updates to any errors that you can fix in MapMaker, and see changes in minutes.

  • Real-time traffic volume on major streets can be color coded to reflect current volumes.

  • Proven reliability, with 100% uptime measured in a recent independent evaluation of API availability.

  • Generate an image of a map with support for pins, lines, shapes and styling with Static Maps API.

  • Embed Street View panoramas into your application with options to customize.

  • Use the trusted Google Maps look & feel, or tailor the style of the map to your needs.

  • Ensure your maps will be compatible with major web browsers and mobile devices.

You should purchase the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan if your business or organization requires any of the following: An SLA with 24-hour technical support; Ability to sell a product… (more info)

For help in finding the right API based on your functional requirements, take a look at the API picker.

Yes, you can, though you should consult the Terms of Service before using the Google Maps APIs on a password protected website.

A single map load is charged when any of the following occur:

  • A web page or application displays a map using the Google Maps JavaScript API.
  • A web page or application displays a Google Street View Image API panorama using the Google Maps JavaScript API. If a Street View panorama replaces a map in the same div element, the panorama is not charged.
  • An application requests a single map image from the Google Static Maps API.
  • An application requests a single panorama image from the Google Street View Image API.

(more info)

Google Maps APIs are free for a wide variety of use cases, with complimentary usage limits and predictable overage pricing for use of the standard APIs, and annual contracts available for enterprise deployments.

More info…

The calculation of quota usage varies by API. The Web Services APIs use requests (note that the Google Maps Distance Matrix API uses elements). The Web APIs use Map Loads to calculate quota usage.

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