Google Chrome OS & Device Management

More than just a browser, Chrome offers the leading cloud-connected operating system & business devices for meetings, computing & signage.

Chrome Work Computers

Chrome for Meetings

Digital Signage Solutions

Kiosks & Shared Workstations

Super Fast, Secure & Cost-Effective Computing Solutions

Personal devices, shared workstations, video conferencing & digital signage wrapped up in an easy to manage console.


Chrome devices start in seconds and, unlike normal computers, they actually get faster over time, so you can focus more on getting things done.


With built-in encryption, sandboxing and automatic updates, Chrome is built with security in mind. Enhance the security of your device portfolio.


Cloud-based profiles allow workers to safely share devices quickly and easily. Turn on Guest mode to allow anyone to use it without saving data or settings.

Chrome Device Management Brings Simplified Management & Configuration of Hundreds of Settings for 1, 100, or 1000’s of Devices.

Easily pre-install apps & extensions for users on your domain, apply device and network-wide settings, and have visibility into your organizations’ devices.

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Chromebooks & Devices for Business

A variety of Chrome devices designed for your executive team down to your part-time staff, Chromebooks for business are a great primary device for your everyday computing needs.

A variety of manufacturers and form factors leverage Chrome OS. Everything from laptops, workstations and even computing sticks give you the flexibility you’ve come to expect from using a Google product.

Simple, secure, and fast devices with the engineering quality you’d expect in an enterprise-ready device.

Chromebook – Chromebase

Chromebox for Meetings – Chromebase for Meetings

Chrome for Meetings – Video Conferencing Solutions

A variety of Chromebase and Chromebox for meetings bring HD-video conferencing solutions to conference rooms and meeting spaces.

Powered by Google Hangouts and built for meeting rooms up to 20 people, all-in-one Chrome devices and Chromebox bundles connect your facilities & corner offices with high-quality video conferencing.

Easily deploy, monitor, and remotely control many units through an intuitive web interface.

Digital Signage Solutions

Affordable, reliable & flexible configurations running Chrome OS paired with your favorite content management system.

Chrome digital signage solutions can scale from one screen to thousands, all managed from a unified interface. With support for a wide variety of hardware and touch screens, the configuration options are extremely flexible.

From hotel lobbies to restaurants to manufacturing & warehouse floors, Chrome digital signage devices are built from the ground up to provide stellar performance on low-cost hardware.

Chromebox- Chromebits

Chromebase – Chromebox

Kiosks & Shared Workstations

Shared devices & single-purpose kiosks can be deployed and managed at scale for employee or public sessions.

Secure, affordable, automatically updated devices offer flexible options for your shared employee workstations and customer kiosks. With data & settings tied to cloud-connected user accounts and new public sessions programatically wiped clean, Chrome devices are an ideal solutions for ease of management, cost, and functionality.

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