Dito GAM (Google Apps Manager)

Formerly Google Apps Manager, Dito GAM is a free, open source command line tool for Google Apps Administrators to efficiently manage their domain & user settings.  As a benefit of buying Google Apps licenses from Dito, organizations qualify for free Premium support for GAM.  Stand-alone support packages are also available to all organizations using GAM.

Key Benefits of Dito GAM

  • Free and Open Source
  • Powerful batch and automation capabilities
  • Offers more features than any other 3rd party tool

GAM allows admins to manage Google Apps from the convenience of their computer. With GAM, it’s easy to perform very large operations against your Google Apps domain quickly and easily.

Here’s just a few features you get with GAM

  • Create, delete and update users, aliases, groups, organizations and resource calendars.
  • Modify user email settings such as IMAP, signature, vacation message, webclips, profile sharing, email forward, send as address, labels and filters.
  • Delegate Gmail mailboxes and Google Calendars to other users
  • Modify calendar access rights for user or resource calendars
  • Audit user accounts and mailboxes and monitor incoming and outgoing mail
  • See detailed reports for users, groups, resources, account activity, email client and quota.

Next Steps

Contact us for details about free or paid support options for GAM.

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