Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

The power of Artificial Intelligence, at your fingertips.

Embed AI and machine learning into everyday tasks with the power of Google Cloud.

  • Large-scale Modeling

  • Jobs Search & Discovery

  • Natural Language Text Analysis

  • Dynamic Language Translation

  • Image Analysis & Recognition

  • Audio & Speech Recognition

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Driving Innovation with Machine Learning APIs

Google is leading the way toward accessible machine learning through APIs that empower businesses to build machine learning into a wide range of solutions.

Key AI/Machine Learning Use Cases

Conversational AI Chatbot Boosts Local Government’s Digital Engagement

Learn how Placer County worked with Dito & Google Cloud to develop a “conversational AI” tool to better service its constituents. Their deployed solution works across multiple voice platforms, such as Google Assistant with Dialogflow, Amazon Alexa, and mobile/web interfaces, to more efficiently support its constituents across a variety of departments and use cases.

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