Google Maps Platform Recent Updates and New Product Announcements from Google I/O

Join us on June 20th @ 1pm EST as we dive into the latest innovations from Google Maps Platform, including exciting announcements from Google I/O.

Regardless of whether you’re experienced using Google Maps APIs or just exploring what’s possible, this webinar will help you understand several powerful new features that can transform how users interact with your applications.

  • Photorealistic 3D Maps in JavaScript: Learn how to create stunning, immersive mapping experiences with the experimental release of 3D Maps in the Maps JavaScript API. We’ll show you how to leverage high-resolution imagery and flexible camera controls to build engaging applications.
  • Generative AI for Places API: Discover how Google’s Gemini model can generate comprehensive summaries and contextual search results for places, making it easier for users to find and understand what’s around them.
  • React Google Maps Library: Learn about the first Google-sponsored library for integrating Maps JavaScript API components in React apps. Enhance your React applications with powerful mapping data and visualizations.
  • Address Autocomplete Now GA: Explore the new features of the next-generation Autocomplete, including seamless Address Validation, expanded place types, and enhanced accessibility information.


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