Data Security

Ensure your end user data is protected & secured with Google Cloud’s infrastructure.

Protecting personal data & sensitive information has never been more important.

Google’s Safe Browsing technology provides reliable alerts to website owners when security issues have been detected, while providing the necessary tools to implement a solution quickly. Safe Browsing protects nearly half of the world’s online users.

Google is solving security problems before they are discovered, by proactively publishing whitepapers and security research that are shared with the entire online community. By developing groundbreaking security-based solutions, such as Beyond Corp, Google is revolutionizing data security.

Google’s Cloud Security team has ongoing research, uncovering vulnerabilities & creating solutions for businesses to utilize. Google’s Project Zero team of internet security experts are dedicated to finding flaws in essential software.

Google’s Project Shield is a unique multilayer defense system that helps block DDoS attacks & is certified under Privacy Shield.

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Making the Internet safer & more secured.

Rethinking Data LifeCycles

The traditional Data LifeCycle Model describes how data is collected, stored, used, shared, archived, and ultimately destroyed. When looking at protecting data within the context of regulation, it is important to overlay the Model with the Governance & Security Practices of the business.

Users have new data rights, including the right to be forgotten, the right to view collected data, and the right to consent to data being collected & removed. Dito helps companies update their current governance to support both GDPR & CCPA. We have established a Data Protection Management System that updates a company’s existing IT Governance Frameworks to one that is compliant to End User Privacy Protection regulations.

Whitepaper: Encryption at Rest in Google Cloud Platform

Learn more about how Google protects customer data at rest.

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The Scariest Things in the Cloud – & How to Avoid Them

Listen as some of Dito’s cloud security specialists walk you through some of the pain points that can arise when working with on-prem and hybrid servers – and how you can take steps to avoid them.

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