CCAD: Centralized Cloud Administrative Dashboard

Dito is simplifying the administration and management of your G Suite and Google Cloud environments, providing customers with a unified dashboard with real-time data and actionable insights, powered by a simple UI and natural language search.

Smart, Actionable Insights from Real-Time Data Across Your Google Cloud Footprint.

CCAD is the first tool of its kind to provide real-time data insights while simplifying your user experience. This solution is best for any organization looking for more centralized real-time insight and management of users, billing/licensing and building automated workflows for your business processes.

Cloud Realtime

The Cloud Realtime module allows you to gain clear, real-time visibility into your Google Cloud Platform and Google Maps Platform accounts: Compare budgets against actual usage and forecast spend levels using advanced data analytics, set and monitor budgets at the account and individual resource level, and schedule alerts for critical events such as under or over utilization.


Full License & User Management

Easily provision one new user or batch process thousands via bulk upload or API calls, with full visibility into license counts and active management of your users.

Smart, Actionable Insights

CCAD’s active monitoring and configurable alert system provides users with notifications and actionable insights from real-time data across your organization’s Google Cloud environments.

Natural Language Search

CCAD is designed to be search-driven and support natural language queries with intelligently suggested operations. No more clicking through multiple tiers of navigation, just search and take action.

Enterprise API Integration

All underlying services are available via the Dito API for deeper integration with enterprise applications. Programmatically access CCAD data for custom functionality, integrations, and data updates.

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