Google Maps Platform Expanded – Area #1: Routing & Logistics

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With the increase of more automated, complex, and detailed data-driven processes being implemented into everyday workflows, it’s more important than ever to ensure that your business is taking full advantage of the capabilities that the Google Maps Platform (GMP) offers.This first post in our Google Maps Platform series is centered around one topic. We will touch upon one of the first areas where GMP truly [...]

Top 5 Areas and Use Cases Where Google Maps Excels

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The mission of the Google Maps Platform has been to help people navigate and explore the world wherever they are. Since launching in 2005 as a web mapping product, Google Maps has evolved over the years to encompass a diverse suite of 18 APIs powering over 4 million sites & apps. Location data provides the backbone and the needed context for individuals and businesses [...]

Dito Achieves the Location-Based Services Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Specialization Program

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Dito’s Continued Success in Mapping and Location Services Recognized by Google Cloud Palo Alto, CA, July 15, 2019 -- Dito, a Google Cloud Premier Partner, today announced that it has achieved the Location-Based Services Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program. By earning the Partner Specialization, Dito has proven its expertise and success in building customer solutions in the mapping and location-based services [...]

Intro to Asset Tracking Capabilities on Google Maps Platform

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Google Maps Platform is transforming asset tracking by bringing a diverse range of systems and APIs together into a single holistic platform. Historically, asset tracking has been a complex process that was often limited to items stored within the corporate network. Pervasive wireless connectivity and the internet of things have allowed for easier asset tracking, but that has not solved the complex integration and [...]

Easy Solution for Google Maps Platform Customers Effected by Updates

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Earlier this summer the Google Maps APIs were rebranded as Google Maps Platform and, along with the name change, Google Cloud introduced a change to the pricing model. Originally, access to the Google Maps APIs for most commercial use cases involved an annual prepaid license: minimum list price of $10k with volume discounts available based on expected usage. It recently transitioned to a post-pay, consumption-based model. While [...]

Google Maps Platform – Important Changes for Customers using Google Maps APIs

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Overview of Changes Google has introduced the new Google Maps Platform (formerly Google Maps APIs), making it easier for organizations to leverage Google’s mapping and location-based technologies to create innovative solutions. Google Maps Platform provides an updated and simplified pricing structure with access to all Google’s core mapping APIs. With this new post-pay consumption-based pricing plan, you will only pay for the services you use [...]

Cloud and Mapping Services Enabling On-Demand Experiences

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The rise of on-demand jobs and gigs is giving businesses the opportunity to adjust their service models to better meet customer demands. Brands that get creative in how they blend resource sharing with on-demand roles can redefine expectations. However, it's only possible with the right technology in place to coordinate day-to-day operations. This is just one area where businesses that innovate effectively around shared services [...]

Google Maps API Update – How to keep your application running after Oct 12

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Google Maps API Standard Plan update - How to keep your application running after Oct 12 Over the past 11 years, the developers at Google Maps have been hyper-focused on delivering powerful solutions with maps and location data. Today, the Google Maps APIs powers more than 3 million applications and websites with billions of requests made daily. The digital landscape has changed dramatically over the [...]

Google Maps API Predicts the Future

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Google Maps API Predicts the Future It’s no secret that in our digitally-driven daily lives, accuracy and timing can be everything.  If you’re a business that relies on a mobile workforce, making sure that your employees arrive at your customer’s location in a predictable time slot can mean the difference between customer retention and customer loss.  How can the Google Maps API help you [...]