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Google Hire Offers Applicant Tracking System with Integration to G Suite

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Google Hire Brings Collaboration Features of G Suite to the Recruiting Process In May of this year Google for Jobs was released, which connects job seekers with listings from traditional job boards, such as Monster and LinkedIn. Google recently announced the launch and availability of Google Hire, a dedicated applicant tracking system designed for use by G Suite customers. Hire syncs seamlessly with Gmail and Google Calendar, so [...]

Top 5 Levers to Planning & Maximizing Your Digital Transformation

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With so many cloud solutions and new technologies fighting for your time, budget, and resources, it’s critically important to align your digital transformation initiatives with practical business goals. In this upcoming webinar, Dito’s CTO, Bill Floyd, and Google Cloud Enterprise Partner Manager Nidhi Seth, discuss what they are seeing across their enterprise customers and highlighting key ways in which organizations are leveraging cloud services and [...]

The Trouble with that Free Hosted Email

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Google Gmail for Small Business vs Free Email Accounts from Hosting Providers We understand - they certainly make it attractive to sign up with a hosting service and take advantage of the free email addresses that they give you.  In theory it’s a great way to get started and keep your out-of-pocket to a minimum, but you soon come to realize it's not as straightforward [...]

Google Releases G Suite Enterprise

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Google Releases G Suite Enterprise Edition What You Need to Know Visibility and control is crucial to protecting your company’s sensitive assets and should be top fo mind in today’s world.  Working to improve the security of the G Suite environment, Google has announced it’s newest tier of G Suite, aimed directly at customers who require stronger levels of security controls and insight.  Called G [...]

Google Cloud Search Comes to G Suite

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Google Announces Google Cloud Search for G Suite Business and Enterprise One Query to Rule them All Imagine being able to put the most powerful search engine in the world to work for your organization.  Everything you could need for that upcoming meeting - documents, calendar invites, associated emails - all delivered right to your device at the right [...]

Security in the Cloud – 2016 Atmosphere Live

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Security in the Cloud - Google Atmosphere Live Move fast and think big while staying secure in the cloud Take part in a digital event where Google experts and industry executives explore how they are rethinking security in the cloud. Register Now Businesses like yours are using online tools to grow and innovate faster, but how secure is this new way of working? That’s the [...]

Webinar – BigQuery for Big Data Analysis

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Take Your Data Analysis from Zero to "Google Scale" and Back in Seconds Using Familiar SQL Join us on Thursday, May 26th @ 12pm ET for an exploration of Google Cloud Platform's BigQuery data analysis. REGISTER NOW Learn how BigQuery, Google's fully managed, petabyte scale, low cost analytics data warehouse, enables you to query datasets with billions of entries in [...]

Breaking Down the Efficiency of Combining Your Inbox and Salesforce

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Breaking Down the Efficiency of Combining Your Inbox and Salesforce Use Salesforce? Use email (aka Gmail for many of you)? There’s multitudes of apps out there that promise to save you time, make you more productive, or just generally make you better at working. However, most of them take more time and effort to adopt than simply sticking to your current workflow. In [...]

New Google Contacts now enabled for Google Apps domains

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New Google Contacts now enabled for Google Apps domains Google is constantly working to improve your Google Apps for Work experience. Taking suggestions from users like you, Google has released some new app updates you should know about. Last year, the new Google Contacts was released as a preview for those with a personal ( account. Just recently, this new version of Google Contacts was opened [...]

Apps Show – Google re:Work – making work better and more efficient

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Google re:Work - making work better and more efficient As you're probably aware, since Google's founding in 1998, the company has experimented with several culture and management initiatives. Many of these ideas and practices had a very positive impact on employee’s happiness at work and on overall productivity (others, not so much). Since we spend a lot of our time at work, and work is not [...]