Dito Achieves the Data Analytics Partner Specialization from Google Cloud

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Dito today announced that it has achieved the Data Analytics Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program. By earning the Partner Specialization, Dito has proven its expertise and success in building customer solutions in the data ingestion, preparation, storage, and data analytics field using Google Cloud Platform technology. The Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program is designed to provide Google Cloud customers with qualified partners that [...]

Google Cloud Platform as Part of Your Multi-Cloud Architecture

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Multi-Cloud Strategies with Google Cloud Platform on the Rise The expectation that IT departments contribute more and more to solving business problems and drive value across the organization grows stronger by the year. Gone are the days of simply managing hardware, servers, and providing end-user support; they are now expected to find innovative ways to maximize cloud technologies for employees, products, and internal platforms. As [...]

Top 5 Levers to Planning & Maximizing Your Digital Transformation

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With so many cloud solutions and new technologies fighting for your time, budget, and resources, it’s critically important to align your digital transformation initiatives with practical business goals. In this upcoming webinar, Dito’s CTO, Bill Floyd, and Google Cloud Enterprise Partner Manager Nidhi Seth, discuss what they are seeing across their enterprise customers and highlighting key ways in which organizations are leveraging cloud services and [...]

Google Cloud Spanner makes Global Relational Databases a reality

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Ever wonder how Google databases are able to maintain consistency and speed regardless of location without so much as a hiccup? Not just the search engine, but global operations for the entire company? A major contributing factor is the internally developed system called Google Cloud Spanner - a true game changer - that is now available for use by your business (public beta). [...]

Google Cloud Platform Guide Expanded for AWS Professionals

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Google Cloud Platform Guide Expanded for AWS Professionals After Google published their guide for customers who wanted to compare Google Cloud Platform to Amazon Web Services, it helped people using the platform to understand things about how it's designed to handle data delivery and  infrastructure. They've recently updated their documentation to further expand the professionals guide including; new sections that focus on Big Data services, Storage Services and [...]

Google Cloud Platform | NEXT 16

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GCP NEXT 16: BE A PART OF WHAT'S NEXT FOR CLOUD Join the largest gathering of the Google Cloud Platform community to explore the latest developments in cloud technology. Google Cloud Platform Global User Conference MARCH 23-24 | PIER 48, SAN FRANCISCO REGISTER NOW Come join Google for a two-day journey into the Cloud Platform, including keynotes, technical sessions, and even a party hosted by Spotify. You'll [...]

Cloud Platform explained & explored in less than 4 minutes

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So you've heard about the "cloud" and realize you use it.... your everyday routines at home and work are changing because of it, and more and more of your business processes will continue to move to the cloud. Let's take just a few minutes to make sure understand the fundamentals. Every time we use Gmail or Google Drive, that data is stored "in the cloud" [...]

Your VM is unique, and now your Cloud Platform can be too

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Your VM is unique, and now your Cloud Platform can be too Back in the day when servers and workstations were roaring obelisks of cooling fans and sharp internal edges, hackers took great pride choosing components that best achieved their performance goals, even if that was to to play all levels of Wolfenstein 3D WITHOUT having to change disks (ok, that final level was totally [...]

Google’s Cloud SQL just optimized their MySQL offerings… again!

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Google's Cloud SQL just optimized their MySQL offerings... again! To my developer colleagues who often have worn a Sys-Admin hat and fired up Vim on a 'my.cnf' file, I know your pain! To eek out every drop of performance, competent review of your database settings is essential (and I stress competent). And what about High Availability requirements? Well, Google has optimized MySQL once again, putting [...]