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Google Maps API Update – How to keep your application running after Oct 12

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Google Maps API Standard Plan update - How to keep your application running after Oct 12 Over the past 11 years, the developers at Google Maps have been hyper-focused on delivering powerful solutions with maps and location data. Today, the Google Maps APIs powers more than 3 million applications and websites with billions of requests made daily. The digital landscape has changed dramatically over the [...]

Google Maps and Earth updated with high-res NASA satellite imagery

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Google Maps and Earth updated with new high-res NASA satellite imagery Just this week, Google announced a new version of their Maps and Earth apps containing high-resolution imagery from NASA's Landsat 8 satellite, along with new processing techniques, working together to create a seamless, cloud-free mosaic of the earth. Using the same Earth Engine APIs made publicly available, they analyzed over 700 trillion pixels (7,000x more pixels than [...]

New Google Contacts now enabled for Google Apps domains

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New Google Contacts now enabled for Google Apps domains Google is constantly working to improve your Google Apps for Work experience. Taking suggestions from users like you, Google has released some new app updates you should know about. Last year, the new Google Contacts was released as a preview for those with a personal (gmail.com) account. Just recently, this new version of Google Contacts was opened [...]

Apps Show – Google re:Work – making work better and more efficient

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Google re:Work - making work better and more efficient As you're probably aware, since Google's founding in 1998, the company has experimented with several culture and management initiatives. Many of these ideas and practices had a very positive impact on employee’s happiness at work and on overall productivity (others, not so much). Since we spend a lot of our time at work, and work is not [...]

Google Cloud Platform | NEXT 16

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GCP NEXT 16: BE A PART OF WHAT'S NEXT FOR CLOUD Join the largest gathering of the Google Cloud Platform community to explore the latest developments in cloud technology. Google Cloud Platform Global User Conference MARCH 23-24 | PIER 48, SAN FRANCISCO REGISTER NOW Come join Google for a two-day journey into the Cloud Platform, including keynotes, technical sessions, and even a party hosted by Spotify. You'll [...]

Google Atmosphere Live, Retail 2016: You’re Invited!

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Google Atmosphere Live - You're Invited! Shopping-related searches increased 120% in the last year1, according to a review of Google's data. The consumer's journey is full of micro-moments, with shoppers reaching for their smartphones in every kind I-want-to-know, to I-want-to-buy (and crucially, I-want-to-buy-again) moments. It's data and trends like this that lead Google to host this year's live event, Atmosphere Digital: Evolving Retail. Here's the scoop from Google [...]

New professionally-designed templates for Docs, Sheets, & Slides

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New professionally-made templates for Docs, Sheets, & Slides Google first introduced their templates to Docs, Sheets, and Slides back in September, which really helped to add style and appeal to your projects. Just last week, however, Google announced the addition of a brand new collection of templates, designed by 5 experts in their related fields, and are available across the web, iOS, and Android. These templates were designed [...]

Cloud Platform explained & explored in less than 4 minutes

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So you've heard about the "cloud" and realize you use it.... your everyday routines at home and work are changing because of it, and more and more of your business processes will continue to move to the cloud. Let's take just a few minutes to make sure understand the fundamentals. Every time we use Gmail or Google Drive, that data is stored "in the cloud" [...]

The Apps Show: Chrome devices, Chromebits, and Chromebooks

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The Apps Show - Chrome devices, Chromebits, and Chromebooks This episode is all about the hardware. And the timing on this is great, as it seems our options for laptops and mobile devices grow larger every week. Listen in as James and Drea clue you into what’s new on the market and let us know which are their favorites at work. Cloud philosophy is at the core of all the hardware outlined here. These are laptops [...]

Your VM is unique, and now your Cloud Platform can be too

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Your VM is unique, and now your Cloud Platform can be too Back in the day when servers and workstations were roaring obelisks of cooling fans and sharp internal edges, hackers took great pride choosing components that best achieved their performance goals, even if that was to to play all levels of Wolfenstein 3D WITHOUT having to change disks (ok, that final level was totally [...]