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Breaking Down the Efficiency of Combining Your Inbox and Salesforce

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Breaking Down the Efficiency of Combining Your Inbox and Salesforce Use Salesforce? Use email (aka Gmail for many of you)? There’s multitudes of apps out there that promise to save you time, make you more productive, or just generally make you better at working. However, most of them take more time and effort to adopt than simply sticking to your current workflow. In [...]

Apps Show – Collecting & Analyzing Data with Google Forms

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Collecting & Analyzing Data with Google Forms If I asked you to think back to the last time you were asked to collect feedback, gather a large amount of data, analyze sets of data, or create a survey and analyze results - that would probably be pretty traumatic, no? Well, this is how more than a few folks at Google felt, so they set out to change that with [...]

How to use Google Tasks and Reminders

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Let's face it. To-do lists are not a fun thing, and even the thought of them makes my blood pressure spike. However, I'd be totally unproductive without them. If you're anything like me, most of your to-do's and tasks come in the form of emails from colleagues and the higher-ups asking for things to be done. Thanks to Google Tasks and Reminders, I can create tasks, [...]

Google Removes Roadblocks to Adopt Apps for Work, Unlock Transformative Potential

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Google Apps for Work Announcement Removes Roadblocks, Unlocks Cloud Transformation Potential for Mid-Market Companies Just one day before Google’s annual Atmosphere Live event, Google announced today a very generous “Go Google” initiative aimed at mid-market companies in the 250 to 3000 employee range. Boiling it down into its simplest explanation... ... Get "Unstuck" with No Money Down If you are currently locked into an enterprise [...]

Top 6 Ways to use Google Apps for Sales and Marketing

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  Most of us have been using Google Apps for a while now, but I wanted to share a few specific ways these Apps can help us go beyond just email and cloud storage. From managing assets to creating a functional website, you have full control and freedom to collaborate across each one of your teams. Here are the top 6 ways Google Apps can [...]

Why Micro-Moments bring Brands and Consumers Closer

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That New Years resolution to start running. That time when you refused to go to the mechanic and changed your own oil. The minute you break your favorite coffee cup and can't survive without it. These are the moments that have a huge effect on us every day, and is also where brands have the potential to connect with us and make a lasting impact. [...]

Chromebox for Large Meetings: Bigger, Better, Louder

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When Chromebox for meetings first launched last year, Google had one goal in mind: to help teams meet face-to-face or room-to-room, no matter where they are located. One year later, Chromebox for meetings has been widely adopted and regularly used to lessen the barrier to remote collaboration. This is why the team behind Chromebox for meetings is excited to announce that they now support larger [...]

Google for Work – Atmosphere Live 2015

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Atmosphere Live 2015 Where does innovation start? Right here. Count Me In Join us on June 2 for Google's biggest digital work event: Atmosphere | The Anatomy of Innovation. What do innovators all have in common? A drive to disrupt the ordinary. At Atmosphere, Google and industry experts will reveal what sparks innovation, what kinds of tools truly support it, and how you, your team, [...]

New Sharing Permissions for “Departments” and non-Google Users

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Two new features for the Google Apps admin console were recently released that grant more advanced controls to sharing permissions. Here's a quick video explaining the features: New Feature 1: Allow non-Google Users to Preview Files Since the new sharing feature was released, Google Apps admins can allow Drive content to be previewed by non-Google account users who are outside of their domain, without needing [...]

The One Meeting with Google That Will Change All Our Future Meetings

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Lots of things have changed in the past 6 years... Our cellphones have two cameras on them, because no one wants to guess at how good their selfie looks; “friends” are no longer required to be people you’ve met in real life; and the mention of a “cloud” has absolutely nothing to do with the weather. There have been some big changes, but among the [...]