Dito today announced that it has achieved the Data Analytics Partner Specialization in the Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program. By earning the Partner Specialization, Dito has proven its expertise and success in building customer solutions in the data ingestion, preparation, storage, and data analytics field using Google Cloud Platform technology.

The Google Cloud Partner Specialization Program is designed to provide Google Cloud customers with qualified partners that have demonstrated technical proficiency and proven success in specialized solution and service areas.

The Google Cloud Platform products included in this area of specialization are BigQuery, Cloud Dataflow, Cloud Dataproc, Cloud Datalab and Cloud Pub/Sub. Dito maintains a number of certified sales and engineering resources with the technical credentials required by Google Cloud.

“We believe the most valuable benefit is the reassurance it offers our new customers. Knowing they can confidently trust Dito to guide them through the journey, providing them with the technical expertise and services needed to develop and implement sophisticated data analytics solutions,” states Karl von Schilling, Dito COO. “Having the specialization reinforces our mission of helping companies transition to, transform, and scale in the cloud.”

Dito sees data analytics as a precursor to successfully implementing machine learning, a key differentiator and disruptor for customers in many markets. Dito has seen the best results for its customers when pairing the data sciences in order to create intelligent analytics frameworks that generate better insight and resulting outputs, over time, as the models work together.

To explore use cases for how your organization can gain more insights through the use of data analytics and machine learning, please request a consultation with the Dito team.