Early and Continued Adoption of Google Chrome Helps Drive Innovation at Aquent

From its founding in a dorm room in 1986 with the idea of applying new desktop graphics technology to clients more accustomed to traditional typographic services, Aquent continually has sought to provide innovative, technology-driven services to a growing client base.

Still privately held, Aquent today provides creative, digital and marketing staffing services to clients from its 36 offices worldwide. The Top 10 most valuable brands in the world rely on Aquent to provide skilled and timely expertise on demand.

Why is Technology Important to Aquent?

Technology has been integral to Aquent’s mission since its founding, and the services it provides rely on a talent pool that is continually evolving its skillsets. To support this environment, Aquent seeks and deploys innovative technologies as appropriate for its business.

In 2009, for example, Aquent adopted Google Apps as part of a broader migration to cloud services with the twin goals of enhancing organizational agility and managing costs. That decision has enabled Aquent to provide its staff with uniform services worldwide that continually improve and innovate, reinforcing its mindset of a single firm, worldwide.

How Has Chrome Helped?

As Kim Cunningham, Aquent’s VP of Technology Adoption & Support sees it: “Chrome has proven to be a powerful force in our environment, consolidating our browser base across a heterogenous mix of devices while innovating with continual upgrades that reduce the number of browser versions in production.”

Chrome devices have also driven significant innovation at Aquent, transforming video conferencing from a service bound only to conference rooms to a highly egalitarian service now available in conference rooms via Chromeboxes, small meeting rooms via Chromebases, and anywhere internet connectivity is available via laptop.

“A highly collaborative organization has grown even more so using Chrome, with little increase in our cost base”, according to CIO Larry Bolick.


How Did Aquent Get Started with Chrome?

Aquent first became aware of the Chrome browser during its 2009 migration to cloud services. Adoption of Chrome at Aquent continually grew until it became the predominant browser at Aquent, driven largely by its performance, ability to run on multiple platforms, and auto-update capability. Replacement of our legacy video conferencing system with Chromeboxes followed a few years later.

What Other Kinds of Benefits Has Aquent Gotten from Chrome?

Chrome also has proven useful to Aquent in other areas. Aquent uses Chromebooks in its office reception areas to enable visiting individuals to register as Aquent talent online without any private information lingering on the device. Chromebits also have made their appearance, driving several information displays at Aquent headquarters.

From Larry Bolick’s perspective: “Chrome is proving to be a platform on which we can rely for continuous innovation — without thinking about it much until we need it.”