In an effort to modernize their internal systems, streamline communications, and enhance productivity & collaboration between departments, the City of New Britain recently decided to implement Google Workspace for its municipal operations. As part of this transition, they chose to work with Dito, a Premier Google Cloud Partner and recent Google Cloud Security Partner of the Year, to assist with deploying and managing their Google Workspace environment.

There are several reasons why the City of New Britain chose Dito and Google Workspace for their needs.

First and foremost, Google Workspace is a comprehensive, cloud-based productivity suite that offers a range of tools for communication, collaboration, and document management. It includes email, calendar, chat, video conferencing, and much more, all of which are vital for a modern, efficient organization.

The City of New Britain recognized the value of Google Workspace in helping them streamline their operations and improve the way they work. With Google Workspace, they can easily share documents, collaborate in real-time, and communicate with team members, regardless of location. This allows them to be more productive and responsive to the needs of their community.

By partnering with Dito, they got the expertise and support they need to ensure a smooth and successful implementation of Google Workspace.

In addition to the benefits of Google Workspace, the City of New Britain also recognized the value of working with a trusted partner like Dito.  As a Google Cloud Partner, Dito has the expertise and experience to help organizations like the City of New Britain successfully implement and manage their Google Workspace environment.

Dito’s team of Google-certified consultants is dedicated to helping clients get the most out of their Google Workspace investment.  They offer a range of services, including deployment, training, and ongoing support, to ensure that clients can take full advantage of the many features and benefits of Google Workspace.

“We felt that Google was the best option for us to move towards.. We want to use Google because it’s an open platform that will provide a lot more options for city personnel and move us in a different direction and save us money.”

Governments and public sector agencies are collecting more sensitive data and information than ever before. This information is often shared with internal and external collaborators, who then share with additional collaborators – resulting in viral collaboration.

This modern way of working – especially when you incorporate Google Workspace – has many benefits, but also creates new security challenges and technology hurdles that legacy software/collaboration tools aren’t equipped to handle.

Google Workspace transforms governments to help them address public sector challenges – and in the end – create stronger communities.

  • Simpler, stronger security that meets government technical needs while keeping data/systems safe from compromise via constant monitoring and zero-trust security approaches.
  • Exceptional resident experiences by utilizing calendar for efficient scheduling, combined with enhanced digital services that set up communities for life while eliminating manual data entry and potential errors.
  • Connected & efficient operations with real time collaboration & storage to help governments easily handle budget sharing, bidding requests – all while creating, assigning, and tracking tasks in real time.

Overall, the City of New Britain decided to work with Dito and Google Workspace because they wanted a robust, reliable, secure, easy-to-use productivity suite to help them work more efficiently and effectively.

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