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Dito is a small business that has grown from 1 employee in 2007, to over 30 today.  During this time, we have worked with hundreds of other SMBs as they have "Gone Google".  It has been our pleasure to provide ongoing expert advice and services to all of our customers in the years following their initial deployments.  We know everytime a small business customer adds a license, their business is growing, just like ours. Here we've compiled a group of SMB Success Stories for you to better understand the benefits of Google Apps for your business. This section is a work in progress so please check back frequently to read new stories.

Village of Addison | Local Government | 200+ Users

After deploying Google Apps, Addison users found the applications convenient and easy to use. They have benefited from better accessibility, collaboration and communication... Read More!

Katz Americas | Manufacturing | 100+ Users

Katz Americas transitioned to Google Apps for Business to reduce IT spending and increase value flow to there customers... Read More!

Chappellet Winery | Manufacturing | 50+ Users

Along with migrating Chappellet’s data from Microsoft Exchange 2003, Dito provided 3 Google Apps webinar trainings for staff. Chappellet Winery saves 35% on IT costs by switching to Google Apps... Read More!

Yogaworks | Retail | 200+ Users

To begin the transistion process for Yogaworks, Dito setup 2 pilot groups to identify internal champions that could be used to promote the technology switch across all 24 studios. Once those were established, Dito migrated all data from their current Hosted Microsoft Exchange server environment and trained employees via webinars. Yogaworks has Gone Google and hasn't looked back... Read More!

CustomInk | High Tech & Internet | 150+ Users

To resolve CustomInk’s malfunctioning mail and calendar issues, Dito migrated over 250 accounts to Google Apps and provided premium support throughout the process as well as after completion. "We're very happy to count on Google for email and better focus our IT efforts on driving value in our business"... Read More!

Cox Scheep | Constructions & Trade | 150+ Users

Dito quickly transitioned Cox Schepp’s 150+ users from Microsoft Exchange 2007 to Google Apps. "This change has allowed us to spend less time devoted to building IT infrastructure and more time devoted 
to building our clients’ design"... 
Read More!

Midgett Realty | Real Estate | 60+

After initially setting Midgett Realty up with Test Drive to establish internal champions, Dito migrated all data from Microsoft Exchange Server and provided customer support and training to users who needed it. "We're 100% Satisfied with Google Apps"... Read More!


"Dito was of great assistance ... They did a great job of training our staff and ensuring that the transition was as seamless as possible."
Franklin Covey
Chappellet Winery
Clark Construction

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