Google Apps for Business Overview – More than five million businesses have made the move to Google Apps for Business to help employees work better together and be more productive, wherever and whenever they work. This overview will cover:

  • What’s included with Google Apps
  • How companies benefit

Google Chrome for Business – Google Chrome for Business is a modern web browser designed for organizations that need standardized, easy and secure browser deployment and management. This overview will cover:

  • Features
  • Getting up and running

5 Myths About Security in the Cloud – Some business owners still have concerns about security. And we understand. When it’s your business on the line, you don’t want to take any chances.

Google Apps Vault – Google Apps Vault adds advanced data management and information governance capabilities to Google Apps. This over will cover:

  • What you get
  • How companies benefit

Google Apps Retail Overview – Retailers today must be nimble and quick just to keep up with their hyper-educated customers, complex supply chains and distributed teams. Make the web work for retail with Google Apps.

Google Enterprise Solutions for Manufacturing – Google Enterprise enables manufacturers to work together more easily; visualize their business data; build, store, and scale applications and websites on Google’s cloud; and find the information they need when they need it.

The Business Case for Cloud-to-Cloud Backup by Backupify – With the shift to the cloud, data backup shouldn’t be taken out of the strategy; rather it should be re-thought to be more adaptable and cost-effective- the same reason you moved to the cloud in the first place.

CloudLock Data Leakage Prevention – When companies move to cloud collaboration suites like Google Apps, they are not just moving their data, they’re also fundamentally changing how employees, external collaborators, and third party applications gain access to that data. The shift to the cloud creates a new, distributed security perimeter.

PingOne Cloud Access Services by Ping Identity – PingOne Cloud Access Services is an Identity as a Service that connects people to the Cloud simply and securely.