Google Apps Great Fit for Yogaworks

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YogaWorks is the leading yoga studio operator in the United States with 23 studios and an internationally-recognized yoga teacher training program. YogaWorks is known for providing its clients with consistently high quality yoga instruction, innovative programming, all delivered in a clean, well-maintained studio. YogaWorks has also been the leader in developing larger, high-end, membership-based studios that offer several practice rooms, a large selection of classes, full locker rooms and a comfortable community space.


One of the results of the company’s rapid growth was the challenge of supporting a distributed network of studios with a variety of computers and configurations. Configuring each new computer, including MS Outlook profiles required a significant amount of time from YogaWork’s very lean IT department. Additionally, every location had a variety of computers each with different configurations which made supporting the studios even more difficult.


When YogaWorks first looked at Google Apps, though it was clearly appealing from a potential cost saving perspective, the technical team had some concerns. The first concern was what would be required to actually transition the entire company and the second was whether or not it would be possible to make a smooth transition. To facilitate the transition, YogaWorks reached out to Dito, a Google Apps for Business Premier Reseller.

“Dito was able to speak from experience and take us step-by-step through the transition process, advise us and support us in setting up two pilot groups to develop a group of internal champions in each of our regions,” said Adam Guttentag, VP of Development and Operations at Yogaworks. “Dito then provide us with a series of web-based trainings to help our employees through their transition first to Google Mail and Calendar, and then Google Docs. Along the way, various members of the Dito team were always available as a great resource for our IT Department to help troubleshoot any issues and help us in defining and documenting best practices.”

“Dito helped make our company’s transition to Google Apps our most successful, and pain-free technology implementation to date,” recalls Guttentag. This was accomplished by Dito doing the following:

  • Making the core internal technology team feel completely comfortable and familiar with the migration process
  • Consulting with staff to develop the best possible roll-out plan that best-fit for YogaWork’s needs and available resources
  • Responding quickly and knowledgeably to any questions or issues that arose

By executing the above, Dito gave YogaWork’s team the confidence to take on a company-wide initiative like transitioning to Google Apps.


When asked to comment on the results of the transition Guttentag states, “We have never looked back and have no regrets.” Employees have adapted readily to Google Apps and since it’s a web-based solution, staff members only need an Internet connection and a browser to complete the majority of their work. Though the web-based trainings highlighted how Google Docs can be used for collaboration, YogaWorks has found that the intuitive nature of document sharing has organically contributed to increased and improved collaboration both internally and with external vendors. Additionally, the technical team experienced a considerably decrease in software-related support requests and has also been able to modify computer requirements to save money on purchasing new computers. According to Guttentag, “these modification have resulted in a 60% reduction in overall IT spending.”