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Spanning Backup for Google Apps is the top-rated backup and recovery solution on the Google Apps Marketplace. It provides automatic, daily backup and recovery for Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Contacts and Sites – and, it comes with the industry’s only 100% Restore Guarantee. Spanning Backup for Google Apps minimizes risk of Google Apps data loss in the cloud, assures data availability, meets audit requirements for backup and recovery, and offloads IT by empowering users to easily restore lost data in just a few clicks.

Partnering with Dito

As Spanning Partner, we quickly implement automated backup and restore capabilities from Spanning Backup in your environment to start protecting all your data in Google Apps. We can also provide administrative training on how to integrate existing applications/services and how to customize the experience to your organization’s specific needs.

About Spanning Cloud Apps

Spanning Cloud Apps, the most trusted provider of SaaS backup and recovery, prevents data loss with automated backup and accurate restores for Google Apps and Salesforce. Spanning Backup is a powerful, reliable enterprise-grade solution trusted by thousands of businesses and educational institutions. Learn more at www.spanning.com.

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