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Prosperworks: Sell Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow

What is Prosperworks?

Prosperworks is the #1 recommended CRM for Google Apps for Business customers, and Dito is proud to fully support Prosperworks integrations.  Why?  It’s easy to see;  Prosperworks has been built from the ground up to support Google Apps and brings the power of the CRM directly into your inbox.  Prospecting, qualifying sales leads and even keeping up to date on deals can all be done from within Gmail. 

The Simplest Customer Intelligence Platform

ProsperWorks is the simplest, smartest, and easiest to use CRM for Google. ProsperWorks’ customer intelligence platform has completely reimagined CRM to deliver a whole new level of simplicity, automation, and insight. Its Chrome extension, web app, and mobile app portfolio help you sell faster and smarter from anywhere. ProsperWorks empowers your business establish a single source of truth for all customer data, create a repeatable sales process, and get real-time visibility into team activity. It does this by seamlessly integrating with your Google Apps ecosystem, automating customer data entry, and delivering instantly actionable business insights.

ProsperWorks has also been proven to maximize your ROI; each user saves an average of 4 hours of data entry per week. Get your team up and running in minutes and start selling more, forecasting more accurately, and growing customer relationships today.

Built for Google

ProsperWorks brings CRM into your Google Apps for Work experience by letting you organize and track sales opportunities and customers right inside of Gmail. Tasks with due dates automatically go on your Calendar so Google reminds you. With the Chrome Extension for Gmail, you can close deals from your inbox. Automatically link all related emails, Calendar events, and files with your ProsperWorks Contacts. And easily link files on Drive to a Contact or Opportunity without separate upload steps. You can even automatically export data to Google Sheets to easily create dashboards for analysis, team visibility, and collaboration.

Traditional CRM Features Made Easy

Lack of adoption is the number one reason over half of all CRM implementations fail. Since ProsperWorks looks and feels just like Google, your team onboards rapidly and you get super fast time to value. With automatic tasks and lead creation based on customized triggers, you’re able to get your job done easily and spend more time selling. Your sales reps will love being able to visually manage their pipelines, filter lists, and get full team visibility with activity tracking.

Automatic Customer Research

Right after signing up, all the business interactions in your Gmail inbox sync in real time, building customer profiles with detailed contact information, social media accounts and more, so your sales team always has the closest connections to key decision makers. It will even find new prospects for you.

Robust Reporting Suite

When your team actually uses your CRM, you get better data. And better data delivers better insights. With ProsperWorks robust reporting capabilities, you can instantly get answers to questions like “What’s our average deal size?”, “How much money will we make this month?”, and “Who are my top performers this week?”.


Not only does ProsperWorks integrate with your existing systems for Accounting, HR, Marketing and more, but you can extend the platform even further with native integrations like Mailchimp, and hundreds more via Zapier

Next Steps

If you’re ready to start freeing up untold hours of productivity and empowering your sales team to sell like never before, Prosperworks and Dito are your go-to source.  Schedule a call with us today and tell us you’re ready to start streamlining your sales process.  Because time equals money, and every minute counts.