Enterprise level data security for the Google Cloud

CloudLock provides enterprise level data security for the Google Cloud. The suite of security applications gives businesses the controls and visability they need to take advantage of the collaboration benefits of public cloud offerings, without sacrificing on security. By accessing a simple dashboard, administrators can access usage reports to manage all document and site data within a domain. Cloudlock allows your company to to establish compliance through policies, centralized visibility, and deliver litigations hold requests by using e-discovery features.

Partnering with Dito

As CloudLock partners we will consult with you to discover the best Cloudlock configuration to fit your company’s compliance needs. Additionally, we are experts in providing in depth product overviews as well as administrative level training.  We can also provide end user training to empower your users to be aware of their sharing habits and to be proactive about removing documents that no longer need to be shared with certain individuals.

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