Backup is an indispensable component of any good IT solution

— even in the cloud. Two-thirds of all data loss is caused by user error. Google will not lose your Apps data, but your users may. An independent backup system like Backupify protects you from data loss due to hacking, user error, malicious deletion, and other unforeseen problems.

Partnering with Dito

As a Backupify Partner we can setup Backupify in your environment and integrate it with Google Apps.  We can also provide administrative training on how to integrate existing applications/services and how to customize the experience to your business or educational institution.

About Backupify

Backupify is the leading provider of backup and recovery solutions for Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications. As more data, services and organizations migrate from local hard drives to the always-on cloud, Backupify is pioneering the protections and processes that will keep your irreplaceable online information safe, useful and under your control. More than 5,000 businesses and 200,000 users trust us to backup their data — with more signing up every day.

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