Drive Unzip – Extract Zipped File Content into Google Drive™

Drive Unzip™, the first unzip app for Google Drive. Once installed, the app will extract your files in Google Drive. This allows for you to easily access, organize, store and share files of all sizes. Available per user or per domain.

About the App

Once the app has been installed, users can right-click on “.zip” formatted files in Google Drive, hover over ‘Open with‘ and click Drive UnZip. If you are the zip file owner, the file contents will extract to either a parent folder or to a new folder with the same name as the zip file based on your selections. See the screenshot to the right. After a validation check, you will have the option to see the log results.

Drive Unzip

Drive UnZip Features:

    • Quick right-click execution
    • Unlimited folders and files
    • Validation process to ensure data integrity
    • Optionally set Drive UnZip by Dito as your default
    • Continues from Google Drive errors
    • Mobile browser enabled
    • Modern web design experience


    • Simple
    • Adopts shared permissions from parent folder
    • Minimum authorizations to ensure your security
    • Continuous improvements

Large zip files with hundreds of folders and files may reach the script execution limit or daily quotas. If this occurs, simply unzip the zipped file again and it will pick up where it left off. If you would like to unzip a file you received via email, simply select ‘Save to Drive’ from your email and open with Drive UnZip. Note: Zip files generated from MAC OS devices contain metadata that will be ignored.

Available per user or per domain. Contact us for more information.