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With a full range of Google Maps APIs in the cloud, location-relevant information has never been so rich.

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Google Maps APIs

Google Maps provides developers with access to a full range of Google Maps APIs in the cloud.

Create beautiful maps and embed them in your sites, apps and internal platforms. Deliver location-relevant information to your users – anytime, anywhere – and let location open new possibilities for your business.

Javascript API
In only a few lines of JavaScript code, build and style a map to call your own, with Google libraries and services at your disposal.
Geolocation API
Returns a location and accuracy radius based on information about cell towers and WiFi nodes that the mobile client can detect.
Elevation API
Provides elevation data for all locations on the surface of the earth, including depth locations on the ocean floor.
Places API
Over 95M businesses & points of interest, updated frequently through owner-verified listings & user contributions.
Street View API
Specify lat/long or a panorama ID to pick your location and determine the direction of the scene and camera angle.
Static Maps API
Embed a Google Maps image on your web page without requiring JavaScript or dynamic page loading.
Roads API
Service that improves data visualization through specific capabilities such as snap-to-road and speed limits.
Distance Matrix
Provides travel distance & time for a matrix of origins & destinations, with rows containing duration & distance values.
Android API
Automatically handle access to Google Maps servers, data downloading, map display and response to map gestures.
Directions API
Search for directions for several modes of transportation, include transit, driving, walking or cycling. More
Embed API
Help users discover places using their own personalized map, with Google’s global database of over 100M places.
Automatically handle access to Google Maps servers, data downloading, map display and response to map gestures.
Geocoding API
Geocoding is the process of converting addresses into geographic coordinates, used to place markers or position the map.
Timezone API
Get UTC time offset data for locations on the surface of the earth, accessed through an HTTPS interface.
More to come...
Google is always innovating, so you can expect their libraries & API lists to continually grow…

Visualized Data + Geospatial Intelligence = Better Decisions

Dito can assist in creating engaging web and mobile applications that leverage Google’s powerful mapping platform and infrastructure to overlay their own data on a customized Google Map.

  • Make better decisions – Surface unique insights with greater context by visualizing your data on a Google map.

  • Optimize assets – Increase efficiency through asset tracking and optimization.

  • Engage your users – Increase visitor traffic and drive user action by embedding maps in your sites and applications.

  • Build amazing apps – Build location-aware web and mobile apps by integrating the world’s most popular map.

Main features:

  • Street View
  • Layers
  • Directions
  • Satellite
  • Styled Maps
  • Elevation
  • Geocoding
  • Distance Matrix

More features:

  • Drawing
  • Geometry
  • Panoramio
  • Places
  • Weather
  • Analytics
  • Demographics
  • Indoor mapping
  • Map Maker
  • Google Earth Plugin
  • Maps in mobile
  • Layers
  • Directions
  • Satellite
  • Styled Maps
  • Elevation
  • Geocoding
  • Distance Matrix

With a quick phone call, our Google Maps specialists can point you in the right direction, helping you understand the different solutions and explore potential use-cases for your organization.

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You should purchase the Google Maps APIs Premium Plan if your business or organization requires any of the following: An SLA with 24-hour technical support; Ability to sell a product… (more info)

For help in finding the right API based on your functional requirements, take a look at the API picker.

Yes, you can, though you should consult the Terms of Service before using the Google Maps APIs on a password protected website.

A single map load is charged when any of the following occur:

  • A web page or application displays a map using the Google Maps JavaScript API.
  • A web page or application displays a Google Street View Image API panorama using the Google Maps JavaScript API. If a Street View panorama replaces a map in the same div element, the panorama is not charged.
  • An application requests a single map image from the Google Static Maps API.
  • An application requests a single panorama image from the Google Street View Image API.

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Google Maps APIs are free for a wide variety of use cases, with complimentary usage limits and predictable overage pricing for use of the standard APIs, and annual contracts available for enterprise deployments.

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Top Google Maps FAQs

Avoiding a large bill if usage unexpectedly increases?

The Google Maps APIs provide complimentary daily quota and set maximum daily billable limits. You can cap the maximum daily limit on usage to protect against unexpected increases.

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How is quota usage calculated?

The calculation of quota usage varies by API. The Web Services APIs use requests (note that the Google Maps Distance Matrix API uses elements). The Web APIs use Map Loads to calculate quota usage.

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What happens if I exceed the usage limits?

If you exceed the usage limits of a given Google Maps API, the API will return an error message. If you repeatedly exceed the limits, your access to the API may be temporarily blocked.

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