Test Drive Google Apps for Work

Test Drive makes it easy to try Google Apps without disrupting your current production environment. We create the Google Apps accounts, simulated legacy environment, and develop a customized set of exercises based on the specific success criteria and use cases you present to us. If you don’t have custom use cases, we can develop some for you based on your industry.  With Test Drive, we created a simulated legacy environment using virtual machines (VM’s).  The VM’s are configured with Google’s suite of user provisioning and migration tools.  These tools are configured to migrate and provision data from our simulated legacy environment to the Google Apps accounts you’ll be test driving.

How we do Test Drives for Google Apps

Test Drive typically takes place over a 2 week period, where an assigned account manager and sales engineer will lead you and your team through the evaluation process.  The evaluation process includes a discovery period where we work with your team to develop success criteria and incorporate it into the evaluation.  Once the success criteria has been agreed upon, the Test Drive will begin.  Once complete, you’ll know whether or not Google Apps is a good business fit and technical fit for your organization – without needing to disrupt your production environment!

The Feel of The Wheel

Dito’s Test Drive with Google Apps can help your business get the “feel” of Google Apps. With this sandbox environment, you can explore all the great features Google Apps has to offer.

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