Google+ for Business

Google+ for Business is a social media network for your enterprise. This network combines the familiar feel of a social platform with the innovative technologies of Google Apps.  Organizations that utilize Google+ for business can categorize and connect with professional and social groups through Google+ Circles.  They can also meet face to face with members of these groups by creating a Google+ Hangout!  Google+ for business allows you and your organization to stay connected with the people that matter most!

Google+ Circles

Organizations that use Google+ for Business can connect with clients, colleagues, and friends while managing these relationships independently with Google+ Circles.  Google+ Circles are groups of people that you can create so you can directly connect with your professional network.  This network may include current clients, friends & family, colleagues, and future clients.  Share what you want with who you want!

Google+ Hangouts

This 10-way video conferencing tool is an innovative way to bring your team together. Google+ Hangouts mimic the qualities of face-to-face communication to provide the best meeting solutions for geographically dispersed teams. What’s more, Google+ Hangouts enable participants to collaborate on documents, watch videos, and even stream live sessions!

Google+ Marketing

Enhance your marketing strategies by building your own Google+ Business page. Many organizations are built on strong relationships with customers, clients, and employees. With a Google+ Business page, you can create a central location for each of these networks. Google+  Business pages allow your organization to announce new products, promotions, and visions with any or all of your Google+ Circles.