Google Apps for Manufacturing

Create Leaner, More Efficient Operations

Your focus on creating leaner operations doesn’t just stop when evaluating software. “Go Google” to reduce your IT spending and increase productivity. Experience first-hand the affect of real-time communication and collaboration on process efficiency. Staff can quickly see which orders have been handled and which still require action. Dito has helped many businesses in your industry leverage the power of Google Apps to stay ahead of the competition and plan for scalability.

Real-time Communication & Collaboration

You get more than Email with Google Apps.  With instant Messaging, voice, and video conferencing, remote team members can connect and contribute. Collaborate together in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.  When using Google Apps for Manufacturing, you can make sure that you’re best positioned to enhance the workflow and eliminate operational inefficiencies, you critical resources.

Work from Anywhere

With Google Apps, your employees are empowered to work from anywhere, on virtually any device.  This increases productivity, efficiency, and allows your people to get more things done.

IT & Mobile Device Management is a Breeze

Admins can manage users and their devices through a simple admin interface. With a few clicks of a mouse, IT personnel can quickly add/remove, locate, and even wipe data from lost or stolen devices.