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Whether you are looking for cloud hosting & computing for for your SaaS application, migrating your infrastructure to the cloud, or ready to tap into the latest of Big Data and Machine Learning APIs, Google Cloud Platform provides everything you need to quickly build and scale “what’s next” for your company.

Future-Proof Your Operations on the Most Advanced Cloud Platform Available.

Perfectly Tailored Cloud Compute Products

From migrating VMs to building scalable web apps & IoT backends

Full Range of Cloud Storage Options

Object Storage – Managed SQL & NoSQL Databases – Archival Storage

Google Cloud Storage

Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud Storage is a scalable object storage service suitable for all kinds of unstructured data. It provides you with durable, available, secure and cost-efficient object storage suitable for all kinds of workloads. Learn more

Google Cloud SQL is an easy-to-use, fully managed relational database. It handles time consuming management tasks for you, such as applying software patches and updates, managing backups and configuring replication. Learn more

Cloud Bigtable

Cloud Datastore

Persistent Disk

Cloud Bigtable provides a massively scalable NoSQL database suitable for low-latency and high-throughput workloads. It integrates easily with popular Big Data tools like Hadoop and Spark and it supports the open-source, industry-standard HBase API. Learn more

Google Cloud Datastore gives you an elastic, highly available document-oriented database as a service. It is fully managed so you don’t need to deploy, update, configure, or manage your database solution. Learn more

Persistent Disk is a high-performance block storage service suitable for Virtual Machines and container storage. It offers unmatched price/performance. You only pay for capacity and you are never charged for provisioned IOPS. Learn more

Tap into Google’s Cloud-Based Machine Learning Platform

Machine Learning APIs as a cloud service brings unmatched speed, scale, and sophistication to your applications

Whether it’s language analysis & translation, audio & image recognition, or large-scale learning models to rapidly solve business problems, Google Cloud Platform’s Machine Learning APIs can bring unrivaled intelligence to your decision making. Learn more


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