Google Cloud Platform Development

Dito is able to offer custom development and support services for Google Cloud Platform to meet your business needs.

Compute Engine – Run your large-scale computing workloads on Linux virtual machines hosted on Google’s infrastructure. Sign up to request access.

Cloud Storage – Store, access and manage your data on Google’s storage infrastructure. Take advantage of the scale and efficiency we have built over the years.

BigQuery – Analyze Big Data in the cloud using SQL and get real-time business insights in seconds using Google BigQuery. Use a fully-managed data analysis service with no servers to install or maintain.

Prediction API – Tap into Google’s machine learning algorithms to analyze data and predict future outcomes.

Translate API – Use Google Translate API to build multilingual apps and programmatically translate text in your webpage or application.

Google App Engine Development

Google App Engine allows you to run applications on Google’s infrastructure. This means you get the power, reliability and scalability that has made Google an industry technology leader without needing to maintain your own servers.

Migrate Legacy Apps to App Engine

Dito can help you migrate your legacy software to the cloud and join the thousands of clients that now enjoy the benefits of better, faster more compatible versions of their old desktop software. Moving to the cloud puts you on the international stage allowing you to work from any computer anywhere in the world while increasing security far beyond industry network standards.

Mobile App Development

Are you ready to make the leap to a mobile technology like the iPad or an Android phone? Let Dito show you how Google App Engine can become the warehouse for data your new mobile app needs to provide service to your customers. Web browser based apps are on the grow as well and Dito has years of experience writing interactive and interesting App Engine websites complete with database management and content control.