Google Chromebooks


Chromebooks are the perfect computer for the way that people work and live today, and make computing faster, simpler, more secure and more affordable for everyone.

Chrome Browser

Chrome Browser

Chrome Browser is fast, configurable, secure with built-in malware and phishing protection, and auto-updates to get the latest security fixes.

Chromebox for Meetings

Chromebox for Meetings

Chromebox for Meetings is a complete HD video conferencing system that integrates with Google Apps & eliminates expensive video conferencing equipment.

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Quick, Lightweight, and Easy to Use

Chrome devices such as the Chromebook and Chromebox are the simple solution to fast, intuitive and easy to manage computing at a dramatically lower price tag. With just a few clicks, employees will have secure access to all the applications, documents and tools they need to work from anywhere at anytime.

Real-time Communication & Collaboration

Since Chrome devices are entirely web-based, employees can quickly access their bookmark, apps, and files stored in the cloud. By accessing the robust communication features of Google Apps such as email, instant Messaging, voice, and video conferencing, remote team members can connect and collaborate together in real-time on documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

Work from Anywhere

With Chrome devices, your employees are empowered to work from anywhere at a moment’s notice. The quick 7 second boot time, 8 hour battery, and built in wifi increases productivity, efficiency, and allows your people to get more things done.

IT & Device Management is a Breeze

Admins can manage users and their devices through a simple management console. From here, IT personnel can quickly add/remove, track, pre-install and block apps, control user access, and customize devices. The devices automatically update to the latest version of the browser and are built with security to protect against malware and security attacks. Managing your mobile workforce has never been easier.

Meetings with Anyone, Anywhere

Meet with anyone on any device – from the conference room, at home or on the road. Join meetings with up to 15 participants – meet with colleagues, or invite customers and partners.

Meetings for Large Groups

The newest update to Google’s Chromebox for meetings platform provides more functionality than ever before. Now users can meet with groups of up to twenty individuals, along with some upgraded hardware features:

  • USB-enabled pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) camera in 1080 HD resolution
  • 2x inputs for connecting more microphones and speakers
  • Enhanced dual-screen support allows users to connect two monitors, providing the richest video conferencing experience available

Instant Collaboration

One click from your remote starts the conversation – no more clunky dial-in codes. Share your screen wirelessly and collaborate on documents while you meet.

Easy to Manage

Plug in your display, complete the setup wizard, and you’re done. Chromebox for meetings is always up to date with the latest features and security fixes. 24/7 support included.

Unlike consumer video chat solutions that are designed for 1-on-1 meetings, Chromebox for Meetings allows up to 15 locations to participate in a video meeting. Users can start, schedule and invite others to video meetings from inside the Chromebox for Meetings room, or from outside the meeting room on their mobile device, laptop or desktop. Participants can join by clicking the video call URL in the calendar invitation, and users within the organization have the added convenience of joining a video call from their web browser at

Setup and ongoing management of Chromebox for Meetings requires little effort, especially for existing Google Apps customers. Chromebox for Meetings integrates with Google Calendar and offers the familiar screen-sharing and collaborative features of Google Hangouts video calls, making implementation a breeze for organizations already using Google Apps.

With a quick phone call, our specialists can point you in the right direction, helping you understand the different solutions and explore potential use-cases for your organization.