Google Apps for Construction Industry

Google Apps is a great fit for Construction and Trade companies.  We’ve helped many Go Google.  There are a multitude benefits your company will gain by moving to Google Apps for Business.  We have highlighted a couple here for you to consider.

Real-time Collaboration

Allows teams to move projects along rapidly. Project managers, foremen, engineers, and subcontractors can easily access, edit, and share all files.

Empower Your Mobile Workforce

Access to all data on any device from any location; whether in the office, on the job site, or from the road.  Workers on-site can quickly and easily access the newest version of project blueprints from a smartphone or tablet device, and leverage real-time communication with Instant Messaging & Video Conferencing on Android and iPhone devices.

IT & Mobile Device Management is a Breeze

Admins can manage users and their devices through a simple admin interface. With a few clicks of a mouse, IT personnel can quickly add/remove, locate, and even wipe data from lost or stolen devices.

Clark Construction Group Goes Google to Communication on Projects from Anywhere.