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Top 6 Ways to use Google Apps for Sales and Marketing

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  Most of us have been using Google Apps for a while now, but I wanted to share a few specific ways these Apps can help us go beyond just email and cloud storage. From managing assets to creating a functional website, you have full control and freedom to collaborate across each one of your teams. Here are the top 6 ways Google Apps can [...]

Why Micro-Moments bring Brands and Consumers Closer

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That New Years resolution to start running. That time when you refused to go to the mechanic and changed your own oil. The minute you break your favorite coffee cup and can't survive without it. These are the moments that have a huge effect on us every day, and is also where brands have the potential to connect with us and make a lasting impact. [...]

Google for Work – Atmosphere Live 2015

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Atmosphere Live 2015 Where does innovation start? Right here. Count Me In Join us on June 2 for Google's biggest digital work event: Atmosphere | The Anatomy of Innovation. What do innovators all have in common? A drive to disrupt the ordinary. At Atmosphere, Google and industry experts will reveal what sparks innovation, what kinds of tools truly support it, and how you, your team, [...]

New Sharing Permissions for “Departments” and non-Google Users

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Two new features for the Google Apps admin console were recently released that grant more advanced controls to sharing permissions. Here's a quick video explaining the features: New Feature 1: Allow non-Google Users to Preview Files Since the new sharing feature was released, Google Apps admins can allow Drive content to be previewed by non-Google account users who are outside of their domain, without needing [...]

October Pro Tip: Restore Deleted Gmail Data

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Being a Google Apps Admin certainly has it’s advantages, such as being able to restore deleted Drive content for people in your organization. The Admin console just keeps getting even better. In this month’s Pro Tip, we will show you how to restore Drive files or Gmail messages that were accidentally permanently deleted for one or more users during a specified date range. No more [...]

Google for Work: Atmosphere Live

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Join Google and industry innovators at our biggest livecast experience for work. Google top experts and noted innovators will get to the heart of the matter at Atmosphere Live, an invitation-only, interactive live stream for business leaders. Discover how forward-thinking companies are helping employees get more done anywhere, redefine teamwork, and bring new ideas to life faster than ever before. Keynotes Include: Inspiring Workplaces: Empowering [...]

Classic Google Drive vs. the New Drive: What’s Different?

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If you make the switch from the classic Google Drive to the new Drive experience, you'll find that in addition to the visual enhancements to the interface, there are many other updates to become acquainted with in the new Drive. After becoming more familiar with using the new Drive, it's easy to notice improvements in the ability to locate, organize and take action on files. [...]

Using Send As for Android and iOS Devices

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Gmail lets you send messages with another one of your email addresses listed as the sender instead of your primary Gmail address. This feature helps you manage multiple accounts from the Gmail interface, as well as from your Android and iOS devices. The only key is you have to own the other address. This makes sending mail much easier, eliminating the need to be logged [...]

August Pro Tip: Set Up Gadget

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Are you a new user of Gmail, an admin, or someone who just simply wants to brush up on some tips and tricks? Gmail now has a setup gadget to help people new to Gmail get started. In this month’s Pro Tip we will take a look at the gadget that walks people through the set up for their Gmail account. If you are an [...]

Introducing Google Imagery + Maps Coordinate Price Change

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Some great news coming from Google Enterprise recently on Maps products. Google announced with its aerial imaging program that it will be offering up for sale 6-inch resolution imagery at a very competitive price rate. This follows on from the story of Google acquiring Skybox Imaging to integrate imagery for the future, and if your business wants to invest in Google Maps for Business to [...]